She said, beta

About This Project

“She said,” is a collection of quotes from Sex and the City TV series. For the demo I hand picked the quotes and stored them in a Javascript array, then wrote the sorting and filtering functions for display. For the final implementation I might make it into a Tumblr theme, so it could benefit from the powerful blogging platform. But things are up in the air right now.

The main design concern here is the fluid typography. I’d like each quote to be presented like on a flashcard. The ideal presentation shall have every quote fit right into the window. Currently there’s a function that calculate the length of each quote, then scale the font size up or down accordingly. This demo still needs some fine tuning to get a smooth result.


The flexible typography is made possible by FitText.js.


Suggest a Quote

This feature will be made availabe on Tumblr, if I do take this demo further. Thank you.

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I put this sentence here just for the "coolness". I'm not expecting anyone to fork me... :P I think I'm the only one who would carry it all the way to Tumblr. Maybe that's the difference between a designer who codes and a programmer who designs...